How To Download ?

At ParadisePCGames, our aim is to make it a wonderful place for our friend gamers. We've a dream that 'when a gamer visit this site with a motive to download particular game then his wish should be fulfilled here and not left disappointed'. And for that we're trying hard and adding max number of working games everyday.

-Some of our users says; 'they feels this site one of the most user friendly they ever visited'. Well, thanks guys!!! We we're doing our best to keep the ParadisePCGames a easy to use website.  Still, their may be some gamers facing some problems. To help such guys, we have answered few of the FAQ's one of which may be answer to your question. So kindly take a look at below FAQ's.


We also appreciate if you have any suggestion/feedback. You can anytime write us at admin[a] We will fill honored to work on your feedback. :)

How to find games on ParadisePcGames ?

>>>Okay! its not a problem! You still feel it a problem then we'll help you solving it. Just type your favorite game in search box and hit 'ENTER' button. You can find search box at the top of the right side panel. You'll definitely get your game in search results. If its not showing your game? Please conform if your keywords are correct, check spelling and retry. If it still not showing your game, then 'We're sorry, its our fault!' we might not added it yet! But, kindly give us a chance to serve you- just fill a game request!, We'll added it within 48Hrs.


How to download games on ParadisePcGames ?

>> No hard bro! Just do simple thing. Navigate to your game page, scroll down to just below screenshot section.. Now you can see links out there, first link will be of torrent. You will need torrent client to download the game via that link. You can download premium uTorrent client here

Links after torrent are of direct servers. I.e. they are links to download game the way we download things regularly. You don't need any client to download games via that link. However we'll recommend you to use Internet Download Manager [IDM], cause its good. It helps boosting download speed and most importantly have resume support.

How to install a games ?

>>>Though some games like games with only setup.exe files need single step to install (most easy). But, some games like 'Dark Souls III' may need more number of steps to install it(moderately hard). All games doesn't fall in this two categories. The whole thing is depended upon game to game, mostly every other game need its own way to handle. Also some super secured games like Grand Theft Auto-V may even more complicated installation steps.

This is the cause, we have mentioned installation steps separately on their respective page. You can find it mostly placed just above screenshot section. Please follow them careful to avoid errors.
     (If you don't find any installation instructions at the bottom of the game page, then it means the game is simple to install. If you still have problem with it, ask for help via comment on that page.).

How to play PS2 (ISO) ISO games ?
>>>To play PS2 (iso) game, you must first have PS2 Emulator installed on your system. Also configure it properly with your PC for better FPS. Now download ps2 ROM ie. like .iso. Remember PS2 emulator can't execute .exe. If you are new to 'PS2 emulator' please google for it.

Easy steps to download game from ParadisePcGame:
1. Go to the game page you want.
2. Click on the download link from the bottom of the page.
3. Now, you are on download page ! Download it from there !

Instructions to download games from  :

I tired to answer the question which I think most of you may face. Since I'm not god can't predict every problem. So if you have any question which is not answered above please drop a comment or contact me! :)