Pitchblack Origins Substratum Theme v20.8 [Patched]

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PitchBlack Origins│Dark & Black Substratum Theme:  Redefining the way you perceive themes with a hint of pitch black

PitchBlack is a widely-known full featured dark android theme with many apps and ROM support , perfecting the balance between materialism, minimalism and various epic color combinations.

Meet all PB CMTE themes and more in one place ! Re-iterating the way accents and backgrounds are applied, PitchBlack offers an easy solution to application of themes by automatically creating 60+ theme sets just for you!Just choose which combination you like, build and enable! That's it! No more confusing choices of background, primary color and secondary color.

What’s themed ?

• Android systemUI and FW base
• NavigationBar – 2 OPT
• Signal bars – 3 OPT
• Popup Animations – 3 OPT
• Overall system animations
• Settings
• AOSP Dialer
• AOSP Contacts
• AOSP Messages
• AOSP Gallery
• AOSP Files
• AOSP Calculator
• AOSP Keyboard IME
• G Board
• G Calculator
• G Massages
• G Hangouts
• G Plus
• G Drive
• G Keep
• G Search and assistant
• YouTube
• Substratum
• LOS Recorder
• LOS Eleven
• CM file manager
• Trebuchet launcher
• Launcher3
• And much more …

App Information:
Title: Pitchblack Origins Substratum Theme Patched
Developer: Altan KRK (westcrip)
Platform: Android
Genre: Personalization, Theme
Type: PAID, Patched

Pitchblack Origins Substratum ThemePitchblack Origins Substratum ThemePitchblack Origins Substratum Theme

Pitchblack Origins Substratum Theme Patched Download Links:
v20.8[HOT!] | v20.7 | v20.6