Car Tunes Music Player Pro Apk v3.0.1

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Car Tunes Music Player Pro Apk Download: Control your media library with advanced voice search, swipe gestures and a unique circular control wheel for playback and access to your entire library without you having to look at the screen.

Pro features include an equalizer with voice selectable presets, album art download, cross fading between tracks, and scrobbling. New in version 3.0 is the Theme and Plugin Shop which offers extra features, such as a Google Cast plugin and dozens of skins and color variations.

The app has been developed by Diabolical Software, LLC. The version of the app here is a paid one. The app also available with free version on playstore. Since its a great app, we would like to recommend you to buy it instead.

The main purpose of the app is to make driving safer by helping user keep his hands free and eyes on the road. Integrates with Google's Car Home for easy access from your car dock.

With features like full-screen album art, Car Tunes is also great for the office, home, gym or anywhere else. Say goodbye to digging through a library of thousands of MP3 files--simply say what you want to hear and the advanced voice recognition does the rest!

App Information:
Title: Car Tunes Music Player Pro
Developer: Diabolical Software, LLC
Platform: Andorid
Genre: Music Player
Type: Paid

car tunes music player pro apk download
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