Quantum Break [2016] PC RePack-FitGirl

ENG | RUS MULTi - Quantum Break - PC Repack by Fitgirl - 30GB

Quantum Break PC Repack by FitGirl: Presenting one of the most awaited action franchise of 2016, the Quantum Break. This is so much exciting story driven title, from the house of operation system tycoon 'Microsoft Corporation'. The remedy entertainments developed and MS Corporation published this enthusiastic title is just so irresistible. The game seems to have its own attitude, the way no other game I ever felt.

This release of QB is made by team FitGirl. It sizes half of the official size. This is the technology used smartly thus and there is nothing recoded or cut. The compression is good and wont take too long for installation, so don't worry!

Features Repack:

  • Repak is based on the release of the Windows Store v1.6.0.0: 67.3 GB

  • Added script auto-activate the game "QuantumScrof", can be run at the end of the installation

  • In _Fixes folder after installation, you will find "Eyepatch Fix", "Movement Fix" and "Trainer +11" (taking away the bandage on the eye, fix glitch fixed character and Trainer 11)

  • 100% Lossless and MD5 Perfect: all the files after you install the original release identical bit-accurate (but not the remote languages)

  • Removed localization besides Russian and English, no recoded

  • The ability to not download or install unnecessary language, and videos (in 1080p / 2160p resolutions)

  • Substantially improved compression (from 67.3 to 26.8 ~ 30.8 GB, depending on the selected components)

  • Installation takes 40 min (SSD) and a half hours (HDD)

  • After installing the game it takes up to 66 GB (~ 107 GB at the time of installation repack)

  • After the installation is available checksums of all files check option to ensure that repak establish normal

  • [Repack] by FitGirl

EDIT : ATTENTION! In repack (or, in the game - to be exactly ) there is a bug - without the presence of the English voice, files do not work and others. So when you install choose both voice.

If you have already installed the game and do not want to put more time - just download ENG-VOICE files too and extract the data in the folder of the game.

Game Information:
Quantum Break v1.6.0.0
Release Date: April 5, 2016
Genre: Action, Shooter, Cover-based, Third-person, 3D
Developer: Remedy Entertainment
Publisher: Microsoft Studios
Platform: PC
Engine: Northlight Engine

Language: Russian, English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese, Japanese, Korean, Traditional Chinese
V-Language: Russian, English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese
Publishing Type: Repack

Medicine: the script auto-activation
ATTENTION! The minimum size repack - 26.8 GB, read the features of the unit.

System requirements:
OS: Windows 10 build 10586 or higher (64 bit recommended Pro-version!)
Processor: Core i5-4460 3.2GHz and better
Memory: 8GB
Video: GeForce GTX 760 / Radeon R7 260X v3 or better
DirectX: 12
Disk space: 65 GB (~ 107 GB at the time of installation repack)

Starting the game[MUST READ!]:

  1. After installation is complete [Must install in C drive only], wait for file verification (not recommended to skip over it).

  2. QuantumScrof script can be run automatically or at the end of the installation, or manually. It requires installed C ++ Redist 2015 package (go to repake).

  3. Upon successful completion of the script (successful - means no red text), find Quantum Break search Windows 10 or Annex Xbox and run it

  4. Once the screen "Press ENTER" will appear in the login screen Xbox Live.

  5. Do not use your main login at this stage - it may be banned. Create a new / fake. You may need additional data verification xbox.com site

  6. If after that the game says that it can't sign in to Xbox Live, go to your profile in Windows and set it to "Local Profile 'mode

  7. Remember that since the activation script - it's not a real crack, Microsoft can fix it in the future patches.

Quantum Break PC RePack by fitgirl 30 GB Quantum Break PC RePack by fitgirl 30 GB

Quantum.Break.2016.MULTi12.PC.Game.[FitGirl Repack].torrent
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  1. I have a problem with this file.
    I think that depend by AppxManifest.xml. When I run the QuantumScrof it shows: 0x80073CFD error. Something about that's impossible with registration of this appx.
    I used PS to do it manually (with a modified AppxManifest.xml) and it seems to work. It says to me that is registered but when I retry with the QuantumScrof it show the same error.

  2. whats the version of your OS?
    If its Win Pro 10, update it to build 10586 (takes about 45 min or more), then run QuantumScrof from the quantum break folder. It should definitely work!
    If you still faces issue then let me know!

  3. win 10 Enterprise

  4. win 10 Enterprise

  5. Can you check if you've the latest system update or try installing them first! and inform me if it works

  6. I just check and I have the latest system version.

  7. Okay, I'll try my best resolving this issue you just kindly co-operate!
    Did you properly followed the 'MUST READ" note?
    Cause this game is highly secured and to crack and play without problem you one need to follow every mentioned step!

  8. I followed the first 2 step, because it stops at the third one. I don't know what do you mean for "wait file verification" but I think it's referred to the file verification of the torrent downloader. For the second one I have installed all the raccommended programs. Just download (after the problem came out) the ultimate version of c++ redist I found on the internet. The last thing that I try to do were change a string in the AppxManifest.xml file (the 17th one) with another two values of min and max. This is a fix that I found on the internet (but every time I run the scrof it returns at the initial values).

  9. I saw that there may be problems if I have the game in a secondary disc and not in the main.

  10. Be aware that The game can only run on /C drive and on no other. Also you must have DX 12 which supports only Win10
    Do you have both of this ?

  11. I have DX 12 installed. Then I can't run the game if I have installed it in another disc?

  12. The main thing is C Drive (System drive). This game must be in C drive and there should be enough space in it!
    Please conform if you have it in c. Even legit version as well need to be in C

  13. If you have it in other drive than C then You kindly uninstall old and reinstall the game in C DRIVE

  14. Ok, I'll try, but I have a little SSD as C: so I don't think I'll be able to do that. There isn't any way to sneak the pc? something like it believe to run the program in C but it's still in another disc?

  15. Unfortunately no known option other than C! Its on QB's offical forum that you must have it in C.
    You should try uninstalling/shifting other apps from C and make enough space for it. Best of Luck! :)

  16. ok!, Thanks a lot for your help!.
    I'll try! :)

  17. U always Welcome! (y)

  18. I installed this game on c drive but
    I can't play this game . When I run the QuantumScrof it shows: 0x80073CFD. I have some problem who about it "Add-AppxPackage -Register AppxManifest.xml" please help me

  19. Kindly, check again if your windows 10 have Direct X 12 and system is updated to latest build or if update is available download it first and then try.
    If problems still not solved see: http://go.microsoft.com/fwlink/?LinkId=235160 :)


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