Desert Car [2015] PC

PC Game - Desert Car - 2015 - Torrent

Desert Car PC Game: Presenting a most exciting and much more hot desert racing game in the history of racing sports. Experience the awesome racing sports adventure with the all new Desert car 2015. The Torrent Track Games developed and published Desert car is the whole new expansion in the DC racing sports.

 Additional Information:

1. With regard to the graphics card necessary to play. On my home computer has Radeon R7 260X, with her game provides 30 fps on the most powerful settings. If you have a weak video card you may need to lower the setting of the game.

2. Sometimes after boot-level everything in the game is slow, unfortunately I have not yet found the cause, so the only way to fight it is a fresh start ("Restart" button).

Game Information: 
Year: 2015
Genre: Racing
Developer: Torrent Tracker Games
Publisher: Torrent Tracker Games
Platform: PC

Version: 1.4
Publication Type: License
Language: Russian + English

Tablet: Not required

System requirements:
Operating System: Windows x64;
Processor: 2 GHz;
RAM: 2 GB;
Video Card: DirectX compatible;
Hard disk space: 1 GB;


Desert Car [2015] PCDesert Car [2015] PC

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