Plant vs Zombies: Garden Warfare PS3-iMars

Plant vs Zombies Garden Warfare - Full PS3 iMars - Direct Multipart / Torrent Download

Plant vs Zombies: Garden Warfare: It is a third person shooter and mostly a tower defense video game introduced  by PopCap Games, while publisher by Electronic Arts. Garden of Warfare is a third main title in the series popular as 'Plant vs. Zombies' released on June 24th of 2014 for the platforms including Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 3/4, Xbox 360/ One, Receives mostly positive critics where, PlayStation tagged with 80.85 % and 75/100, PC version 77.50% and 75/100 lastly Xbox version 77.18% and 76/100 makes it one of the recommended play. 


The player can handle plants or zombies from a third person perspective in either a cooperative or competitive multiplayer environment. To progress in the game, players must complete challenges unique to each class. One of the unique shot of the game is, it feature a cooperative and four competitive multiplayer modes. The three different modified version of the competitive modes as well can be experienced.

Modes of Garden Warfare:

Welcome Mat: 

A playlist consisting of Team Vanquish featuring one map, no unlocked characters, and no customization. It is aimed towards new players, but it is available to all players regardless of rank.

Garden Ops:

Is a cooperative mode, upto four players take control of each plant, defending gardens from ten zombie waves. 

Team Vanquish:

A team deathmatch variant, where two teams representing plants and zombies fight against each other to take down opponents.

Vanquish Confirmed:

A game mode where players must collect orbs from fallen opponents to receive credit.

Gardens and Graveyards:

A game mode where players either capture (as zombies) or defend (as plants) various objectives.

Gnome Bomb:

A game mode where players attempt to secure a bomb (strapped to the back of a hapless gnome) and detonate at various bases.

Classic Team Vanquish: 
Team Vanquish with no customization.

Classic Gardens and Graveyards:

Gardens and Graveyards with no customization.

Mixed Mode:
A playlist where each game mode is used interchangeably. It will be one mode with either zombies or plants.

A domination variant, where the objective is to capture three areas, A, B, and C in the map.

Taco Bandits: 
A capture the flag variant, where the zombies must steal a taco from Crazy Dave's taco stand and bring it to a UFO.

Night Crawlers:

A variety of night-time maps in a game mode for December 2014
Platform: PS3 
Frimware: CFW 4.60+ 
GameID: BLUS31410

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Plant vs Zombies: Garden Warfare PS3 iMars-Screen2

Plant vs Zombies: Garden Warfare PS3 iMars-Screen3

Plant vs Zombies: Garden Warfare PS3 iMars-Screen4

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Plant vs Zombies: Garden Warfare PS3 iMars Direct Multi Download


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