Shadowgate PC Game - FLT

Shadowgate PC Game FLT

Shadowgate - PC Game FLT - Full Version - Torrent Download

Descriptions: Shadowgate is a 1987's point-click action-adventure video game especially developed for Apple Macintosh and is the most popular and successful game in the MacVenture series. The game supports almost all home PCs including Apple, Windows and DOS, although Shadowgate can even be played on Game Boy Color, NES, Palm OS, Pocket PC, Nintendo 3DS and Virtual Consoles etc. Shadowgate quickly endeared players with its fantastic atmospheric soundtrack, perilous locations to progress through, countless puzzles to solve, and more ways to gruesomely die than gamers previously thought possible.

After almost 30 years of the release of the ruler of classical video game industry 'Shadowgates' the original team behind this timeless game is back with fully reloading and re-imagining the game. The legendary team Zojoi did the hardest and gave the game new life by redesigning the game from it's bottom and replacing all old spare-parts of the title, including tones of new mind-bending puzzles, maxmimum new rooms with stunning hand-painted 2D graphical detail, and more objects to interact with and help you along to reach to your quest.

Game Features: 
  • Shadowgate is a First person adventure game, lets you utilize your inventory. 
  • You are to follow mapping system and intuitive on-screen commands to complete your quest.
  • This version of shadowgate includes new and updated seamless puzzles with redesigned world of the game, developed by the original developers of 1987's.
  • Shadowgate introduces it's three different difficulty levels and each of them has it's own different gameplay experience and puzzles structure from others.
Minimum System Requirements:
Operating System: Windows XP
CPU: Any Intel/AMD Processor with 2.0+ GHz of clock speed 
RAM: At least 1.0 GB
GPU: 512 MB of Dedicated video memory
HDD: 2.0 GB of Hard disk space

Shadowgate PC Game - FLT

Shadowgate PC Game - FLT

Shadowgate PC Game - FLT

Installation Note:
Burn or mount the image(.iso).
Install the game.
Block the game in your firewall.
Play the game and Enjoy! :D

Shadowgate PC Game Download FLT - Torrent