Metal Slug 3 PC Download ALiAS - Torrent

Metal Slug 3 PC Game ALiAS

Metal Slug 3 - Full Version- PC Game - Download - Torrent

Descriptions: As we all know, Old but Gold Metal Slug 3 is an run and gun action video game. Metal Slug 3 was been developed and published by SNK originally in 2000 for PlayStation 2, Xbox, Microsoft Windows and for Smartphone devices such as Android & iOS. And as for your information the game has been re-released in 14th February for Steam. As all we game lovers use to love this game in our childhood, I thought to make you rewind those moments back and hence sharing this game with you. Hope you will like it!

Keeping the gameplay of the Metal Slug 3 same as of it's predecessor, in this re-release of the game developers have updated this version with some new and upgrades with some amazing features. This updates includes new weapons. vehicles, and newly introduced branching paths into the release. 

Steam Features: 
Arcade Mode (Main Mission): 
Play the arcade mode of the game from the beginning and explore five immense challenging stages featuring multiple branching paths which can lead in explore exciting new areas!
Mission Mode (Stage Select).
Online Missions: 
Go online, Invite your friends play together, complete the missions and enjoy!

Game Info: 
Title: Metal Slug 3 PC ALiAS-Torrent
Developer: SNK
Publisher: SNK
Genre: Run and Gun, Mission, Action
Platform: Windows PC
Release Date: 14th February (originally in 2000)
Language: English
Size: 50.02 MB 

Minimum System Requirements:
Metal Slug 3 doesn't Support Windows XP


Metal Slug 3 PC Game Download ALiAS - torrent