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Battlefield 4 PC Game

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Description: Battlefield 4™ on PC, Which is powered by the advanced technology of DICE’s proprietary Frostbite™ 3 engine, blurs the line between game and glory. With dynamic distructable environments, vehicular combat, and the chaos of all-out-war with 64 players, Battlefield 4 on PC is you will going to feel an unmatched interactive experience.


As we know, this game is designed and developed by EA the worlds one of the top video game developer. It's every game is always different and feel's you different while playing. This game is just recently has released which will give you a ride and introduce you the next generation war gaming.

Key Features 

  • * In Battlefield you can experience Levolution on the PC, changing the landscape in real-time with interactive environments that react to your every move to ensure no two matches are alike.

  • * In Battlefield will you find the awe-inspiring power of the next generation Frostbite™ 3 Gaming  engine, which delivers  unmatched visual and audio fidelity, superior character animations and dynamic destruction.


  • * In Battlefield can you experience an unmatched level of all-out war that grants you the freedom to play to your strengths and your own path to victory.


  • * In Battlefield you have the power to dominate land, air and sea with all-new, intense water-based vehicle combat on the PC.


  • * In Battlefield will you lead your squad in Commander Mode, which lets you take point and turn the tide of battle from both the edge of your seat or on the go with your tablet.

Game Information:
Title: Battlefield 4 PC Game
Developer: EA DICE Games
Publisher: Electronic Arts
Genre: Action, Adventure, Shooter
Platform: MSPC
Lang: ENG
Year: 2013
Minimum System Requirements:

Operating System:  Windows Vista / SP2 with 32 bit

CPU:  AMD Athlon X2 2.8 GHz INTEL Core 2 DUO 2.4 GHz 

RAM:  2 GB

Graphics Card:  AMD Radeon HD 3870 NVIDIA Geforce 8800 GT

Hard Disk Space:  30 GB 


Battlefield 4 PC Game

Battlefield 4 PC Game

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